October 15, 2009

Dear Reader,

They seem to have tapped my computer or something. Either way, they’re onto me. I’ll be spending the next few days on the run until I can reestablish myself and shake them off. I’ll be posting sporadically from wherever I get the chance to, so stay tuned!

Hurridly yours,




October 14, 2009

So, after reading my last post, you must be wondering how it is that they control the weather! Well wonder no more!

It has been pointed out that the earth has so many satellites, that it is almost as if we have our own ring like Saturn. This isn’t just for the GPS things, and TV signals. There wouldn’t need to be nearly as many satellites for that. No! They use these satellites to control the weather (and a lot of other things that we’ll get to later) They use lasers to heat things up, and giant mirrors to reflect the sun and cool things off. You see, scientific evidence shows that the atmosphere could be heated by adding energy from lasers. Given their technology, it would of course be a trivial matter to heat our atmosphere in particular places. Why do you think that we have more hurricanes recently?! Furthermore, mirrors can be used to block off solar rays incoming, while being small enough relative to the sun to be invisible to the naked eye! This lets them cool off areas! This lets them control anything they want and manipulate the temperatures however they want!

Do you think you’ve got information on their weather control? Let me know!

And Keep fighting the good fight


The Weather

October 13, 2009

I feel it is best to start with something big, so you understand just how large all this really is. Rest assured, dear reader, that we will cover all manner of topic, both big and tiny. Nor is this the biggest thing that we will reveal, but the world is not yet ready for those. Today, though, I regret to inform you of the truth behind the seasons. Over the course of the next few days, I will explain to you exactly what happened, and how it happened, and why it happened.
They origionally started the myth of seasons in 1376. Initially, the “winter” created to quash a peasant uprising that year. It is, after all very difficult to uprise while freezing. Since then, the seasons have provided excuses for the changing of popes and the movement and retreats of militaries. Surely you don’t think that Hitler’s retreat from Russia was an accident!  The changes in weather and climate have more recently been used to funnel funding into so called “Climate Change” research, which really is just used to further their research into the satalites that they now use to control things. It is dastardly, and in the coming days, we will investigate the methods they use to exert this control on what we believe is mother nature. It’s chilling, and we’ve only scratched the surface

Stay vigilent


Everything you know is a lie

October 12, 2009

Oh man. It just got a whole lot bigger. We have stumbled upon some information that I don’t think they want us to have. We have decided the best way to get this out to you, the public, is by way of a blog. The conspiracies revealed in these pages may seem shocking or unusual, or even outlandish. But trust us when we say that every thing we will reveal is completely and unshakably true. To protect ourselves, we will reveal as little as possible about ourselves. Suffice to say, we know too much.

Keep up the good fight,